Rubber Weight Plates

The demand for quality commercial gym equipment go here, has significantly risen over the years. From my observations, it is obvious the fact that being physically fit can make people healthier and stronger is now widely accepted. It takes a little effort to register in a gym facility but maintaining the training can be a challenge, however, the benefits of physical fitness has motivated many people to attend their gym sessions weekly. Why spend money on medical treatment when you can spare a little time for physical exercise to prevent common illnesses?

One of the most popular commercial gym equipment go here is the rubber weight plates. These are simply iron weight discs that have been covered with tough, durable rubber. After registering in a gym, your fitness instructor will plan a fitness regimen that includes warm-up exercises, cardio and other physical activities depending on your level of fitness. Many of these exercises involve the use of these rubber discs.

The manufacturing processes to make reputable rubber weight plate brands are done in accordance with the standards prescribed by government agencies concerned with public safety and monitoring product quality. The discs are made to be tough and durable to withstand commercial use in the physical and health fitness facilities.

As a buying guide, it is essential that you note the markings which indicate the gym equipment you are about to purchase has been certified and approved for commercial use. The rubber weight plates fall under the category of commercial equipment used in physical fitness facilities. Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, beginners can start using the weighted discs to begin their journey towards becoming physically fit and healthy.

Advantages of using the rubber weight plates

These individual weighted discs for physical fitness training have become very popular in recent times, and it is for a good reason. Some of the advantages have been discussed below.

Stability during use

The rubber coated weighted discs are stable even when stacked in combinations. This helps amateurs learn how to use them over time. They are also easier to sort out if you wish to make a stack during training. The discs have different color codes that can be used to determine their weight easily. For example, the green colored weights weigh 22lbs, Blue-44 lbs., Yellow- 33 lbs., and Red- 55 lbs. With this information, it is easy to safely stack weights to get the targeted weight during training.


The rubber weighted discs are more durable than the exposed iron weights because they are protected from corrosion which can make the instructor abandon the weights over time.

Safe for use

These weighted discs can be used indoors without fear of damaging your floor. They have a dead bounce rate that also protects you from potential injury. Usage benefits of the rubber weight plates

As earlier mentioned, many physical activities you will be required to engage in the gym as a newbie or experienced trainer involve the use of these rubber coated discs. They are used for strength training, muscle development, cardio, development of abs, and endurance training exercises. Good enough, they have been certified fit for intense commercial use so regardless of how frequent you have to use them, it is certain they will last long.

Like all other commercial gym equipment, you can find the rubber weight plates in stores or online. If you are getting equipment for your new gym, it is best to buy the different weight sizes to ensure that your clients stack the combos needed for their training.

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